When you know it’s over…

There comes a time when you know that you are ready for a change. It happens to us all at some point. Unlike other careers, change when you are in the military requires extra preparation and planning. Remember the 6 Ps? Perfect Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance? Yeah well, this is when it really does come into its own. After all, you are not just leaving a job, you are leaving a home, a lifestyle, a community and a job. That is a whole heap of change. You are, what we call, experiencing liminality.

So what next?

You may have eligibility to use the services of the Career Transitions Partnership. In the UK (and Australia) this is led by Right Management in partnership with the Ministry of Defence. Your service length and your transition mode will determine which support you are eligible for.

If you are not eligible for CTP, or it doesn’t align with your needs, there are a myriad of military charities and services that can signpost you to benefits, housing, health-related services and employment. Those services are free at the point of delivery for qualifying personnel who have exited the military. You can find all variants of veteran support at the Veterans Gateway

Our offer

At Lancashire Careers Company our area of expertise is in the career-related learning sector. This is what we do. Our wealth of expertise has been gleaned through 30+ years of experience in the career field; along with our qualified, registered professional and academic practice. You will be partnered with a postgraduate career coach. We are experts because we only do what we say we do. The only signposting that we will do is for career-related learning. We are not ‘Jack of all trades’, but we are a master of one. We do not expect one size to fit all. That is why our service is fully person-centred. You are unique and deserve to be treated so and with unconditional positive regard.

About us

Lancashire Careers Company is not funded by anyone other than our clients who pay for professional services. In the same way, the likelihood is that neither is your accountant, your solicitor, your pensions expert, or even the garage you appoint to repair/service your prized car! That is because we are experts in our field – we do not spread ourselves among different helping activities as we believe that would dilute our offer. Lancashire Careers Service is bespoke and belongs to the category of ‘professional services’.

Our costs are competitive and we do offer a range of flexible packages for military personnel. We do not compete with anyone else. We do not want to compete, nor do we believe that we need to. We can complement and enhance other services, but we stand alone as an independent professional careers service.

If you are considering your next career move, take a look at our dedicated military web page and decide if we are the professionals to support your next career.