Career Development and Coaching in Practice

Career Coaching and Development in Practice

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Finding our values

Knowing and understanding our values is an important element of career management.  Values are the attitudes and beliefs that are unique to you.  They act as strong internal drivers for how we live our lives at home and at work.  We don't have values for home and values for work.  They are a part of explaining who we are.  Articulating our values is not always an easy task yet they are critically important in helping us to find our 'WHY'. 

The concept of WHY has been coined beautifully by Simon Sinek. It helps us to understand and explain our purpose, motivation and our beliefs.  Our values sit right at the heart. of these.

If we do not understand our values, we can find ourselves falling into job roles that are not aligned to our core beliefs.  Compromising, or not being fully intune with those core beliefs will bring us dissatisfaction in the workplace. Understanding ourselves through our values helps us to make good choices for ourselves, to find direction, plan a career path and achieve the job that satisfies our WHY. 
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Understanding our personality

We are all different.

What makes us different is our personality.  Personality influences every aspect of our life.  Our personality guides us to make choices in our jobs as well as in our relationships.  Personality influences the type of people and places we are attracted to.

Understanding our personality alongside other aspects of self-awareness is key to being able to build a career
 that makes you truly happy.

Part of a Career Development Professional's role is to support people to 'know themselves' as fully as possible.  As well as utilising tools and models that have their feet firmly in the professionals role, they are skilled at interpreting them and helping individuals to see them as a part of the whole picture.

Let’s make your career a great one!
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Understanding labour market information

Labour market information is a useful tool to provide us with insights into data that explains what is happening in the economy. While it serves as an essential device for informing governments and strategists about planning; it is an information laden tool for job seekers and career changers.

Interpreting the data is a valuable skill for every person starting on their career journey through to the most experienced job seekers.

It is a part of a career professionals role to show our clients how to use the data and how they can get the best from the information available.

Career planning and job searching is a skill. The more information that is at your finger tips the stronger your changes are of competing in your local market.

Bringing it all together

There is no tick list for effective career planning, job searching or management. As career development professionals we bring you a complete toolbox full of interventions to help you to manage your career journey at different points in time.

Careers guidance/coaching/counselling is a dynamic, lifelong process that aims to assist all individuals, of any age and at any point throughout their lives, to make educational, training, and occupational choices and to manage their career. It is the skill of the Career Development Practitioner to bring personalised support to each individual.

We can work with organisations to ensure that individuals get a fair start in their career. As area specialists, we help to overcome the unique challenges faced by those seeking to build a career from scratch or re-enter the market later in life. We provide employability skills, support, confidence building and impartial guidance as part of funded projects.

Why Career Development and Coaching?

People learn how to take control of their destiny
A growth mindset develops
Self-awareness is raised and motivation is increased
People learn to recognise their strengths, work with them and develop them

Careers are a lifelong event

You develop a higher self-awareness

Enjoy your work

Supporting the mature worker and career shifters to find new jobs that match their skills and needs

The country needs its mature workforce and we can help you to craft out a job role that suits you!

Find a role that suits you

Make the most of your skills and experience.  You can even learn new skills!

Earn money, build new relationships

Supporting Gen Z and Care Experienced Young People


You are the future - let's help you work it!

You are the first generation to finish your education and join the workforce during a global pandemic, several lockdowns, and then experience the hybridisation of work. 
Hats off to you!  You have tenacity!

But perhaps you haven't got started yet...  Maybe employment is still a minefield.   Being unemployed leaves you dependent on the state and living below the breadline.

We can help you.  Ask your Jobcentre Job Coach or your Personal Advisor to contact us. 

Taking control of your life - with a salary!

We all like to feel that we are in control of our lives.  Unfortunately, when you have to claim benefits, you're not only short of money but you must show job search activity to prove your eligibility for your benefits.  That doesn't feel like you are in control!

The best way to gain control of your life is through financial self-sufficiency.  Once you are working you will discover how much you enjoy that new found independence - and have money in your bank!

Supporting your job preparedness

We work with a variety of organisations to ensure all  18-25 care leavers get a fair start in their career. As area specialists, we help to overcome the unique challenges faced by those seeking to build a career after a youth in care. We provide employability skills, support, confidence building and square one guidance as part of various funded projects.

We will provide you with independent career support.

We have the experience.  We have the knowledge.  But most of all, we have the capacity to support you to help you to discover your unique self.  We offer one-to-one career support.

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