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Why we're here...

We’re here because we believe that everyone should have access to the highest quality career support and guidance.
We're here because changing the story starts with having the tools to make change happen.
We're here because we are providers of impartial and independent, registered careers services.
We're here because we are able to offer jobseekers, career changers and shifters the best professional careers help.

"Money won't create success.  The freedom to make it will"
Nelson Mandela

Work is something we all need to do.  How we do it means different things to different people.  Just getting started for some is such a minefield that we take advice from family and friends. Unfortunately, they don't always understand what makes you tick and how your personality, skills and attributes will fit into the workplace.  We can help you discover that in yourself.
Whether you’re working out where you want to be, trying to get to that ideal situation, or just looking to overcome a short-term obstacle, we’ll help you find the way to a happier, more fulfilling career.
Lancashire Careers Company CIC provides specialist, qualified Career Coaching across the North West UK. We bring over 35 years of experience and are registered with the Career Development Institute (CDI), the quality standard for the sector. You deserve to have qualified people providing guidance about work.  Ask for it!

Get career development collaboration for your funding bids

We can add value to your third sector or public funding bid by providing you with professional career development practitioners to illustrate your commitment to the importance of employment.
Experience the advantages of evidence-based professionals enhancing your impact measurements and delivering exceptional service, all while enjoying seamless and flexible integration, without the burden of high-cost commitments

Meet our founder

 The desire to share has been a core quality in our founder.  Her vision that all people should have access to professional high quality, registered career management and development skills was realised with the opening of Lancashire Careers Company CIC in 2022.

Caz has been a champion of unemployed people, the career changers, and the stuck and miserable in their jobs for three decades.  She has always believed that people need to be listened to, shown the tools, and have the will and determination to manage and take responsibility for their own careers.

Caz believes that holding onto knowledge and preventing others from having the benefit of it is morally and socially unethical.  That is why Lancashire Careers Company CIC is different.

To give people the best of her skills, those skills need to be top-notch!  Not only is Caz very experienced, but she is also qualified and registered as a Career Development Professional.  She is qualified at the post-graduate level from reputable universities and is qualified and experienced in supporting people with trauma, neuro-diversity and health barriers to discover themselves and develop new careers.  

Lancashire Careers Company CIC is here to make changes to how careers are managed across the North West area.  We are actively supporting job seekers and career changers across Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Liverpool from our base in Preston and are keen to continue developing commercial relationships with like-minded and purpose-based organisations in the region.

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